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Welcome to the comp.lang.forth.repository.

The purpose of this site is to document existing Forth usage that for some reasons cannot become a part of the ANSI/ISO Forth Standard. The contents of this site need not pass the standardization procedure with its advantages and disadvantages. OTOH, there is a requirement that the proposals may be published here only after they are discussed in the comp.lang.forth newsgroup.

While you may find source code, the real intent is to release specifications of Forth words possibly supported by actual working code. The pages can also contain other kinds of specifications and information that is atleast related to Forth.

In theory, this project can become a complement or an alternative to the ANS Forth standard, whatever the community needs, but only after investment of an amount of labour comparable to that spent on the ANSI standard. Anyway, if you feel that the ANS/ISO Forth standard should be improved, here's a way how and a place where to reach this goal. (mlg)

This site is provided as a webspace to be used on usenet' comp.lang.forth. It is based on the obvervation, that every once in a while someone creates a webpage with proposals, informations, examples, forthtexts or just hypertext links - and unlike other languages, forth has the tendency to be implemented again and again. The advantage of sourceforge is that everyone can get a developer account here. Just make yourself heard on the usenet' group if you want to get write access here, and some of the current admins will listen, so that quite probably you can add pages shortly thereafter. We are always nice to those who want to share our job here ;-) (guidod)

  • smallest policy ever...
  • toplevel directory contains only subdirectories that contain subdirectories (collection of collections)
  • in the collections a user can easily create subdirectories with self-descriptive names.
  • Thereunder, the third level, has no further policies, any file can live there.
  • if you feel that the toplevel collection names are not very self-descriptive for the subdiretory topic you want to have, then you may need to create a new toplevel category.
  • read on in mk

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