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CLS is the shorthand for CLRSCR or CLEARSCREEN.
Some implementation had even chosen to add a dot
before to flag that they do in fact output sth.,
probably an escape sequence.

The term CLS is used in MPE/ProForth, pfe and win32for.
gforth/bigforth uses PAGE to clear the screen and set
the cursor to the homeposition. (paysan)

example implementation:

gforth does...
: PAGE ESC[ ." 2J" 0 0 at-xy ;

standard note:

PAGE is an ANS94 standard word - it implies somewhat like
a \f = formfeed character being printed to a hardcopy
terminal. Programs should probably use this word.

cls note:

CLS happens to be more intuitive and easier to remember.
The term PAGE could mean to just emit a few lines to
come to the next PAGE while CLS does make it explicit
that previous lines are erased rather than scrolled up.

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