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Discussion on the behaviour of
some words. Most of the words that
can be found here, have no actual
ANSI standardized definition, but
they are in widespread use.

The texts here are often summaries
of comp.lang.forth discussion that
can make guidelines for everyone
who "invents" a name for an obvious
thing that needs a name and that 
the standard system does not have.
In more than one place, the "natural"
name was invented before, and the
implementor will have the risk to
be slightly different, so slightly
different to be subtily incompatible
and errornous elsewhere.

Please never redefine an existing word
to mean a different action: since you
cannot withdraw the old meaning from
worldwide circulation, the word would
become ambiguous ever after.

the directory names follow the
output from ../ng
or ../mk/forthname.pl

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