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R"@ "r-quote-fetch"

( -- x1 ) ( R: x1 x2 x3 -- x1 x2 x3 )

Copy the third single-cell return stack item onto the data stack


used less frequently than R'@
r-tick-fetch/index.html q.v.

see also:

r-tick-fetch/index.html to get the next value under the return stack

The canonic complement would be
>  R"!
>  ( x0 -- ) ( R: x1 x2 x3 -- x0 x2 x3 )


The words R@ R'@ R"@ and R! R'! R"@ can simulate
three LOCALS living on the return stack. This is often
enough (plus two or three items on the data stack) and
it does not have the overhead for implicit ROOM/DROP and
a framepointer that is needed for real locals. Plus the
word 2R@ 2R! enables handling of a 2VALUE on the return
stack (guidod)

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